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"Twenty-first century education must prepare young people for the tests of life, rather than a life of tests." - Donald Clark

The New Lab understands that...

Innovation is not invention. Innovation is the set of conditions that bring about productive growth, change, and possibly invention. Identifying those conditions and then harnessing them to serve our schools and our partners is one driving belief of the The New Lab. If there is a list of innovative conditions it would include the 5 C's - "collaboration, creativity, cultural awareness, communication, and critical thinking."
Here are a few more to add to the list...

  • observe and recognize the anomaly
  • entertain the fantastic
  • find or build the bridge
  • tolerate ambiguity, because learning must engage the ambiguous
  • committed to learning (first), then to teaching

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it."-Albert Einstein

We Believe

Our Direction, Our Intention is to…

1. Invest in "Innovators, NOT innovations." = Teachers with the right support offer the greatest ROI for social impact and change.

2. Broker and Facilitate revolutionary collaboration between communities and companies. = It's time for American industries to re-imagine their role in American schools through shared values, aka building the innovation pipeline.

3. Unshackle Ingenuity. Integration is the future. Schools created silos of learning (isolated departments/disciplines) but the brain doesn't work that way, nor does the world. = The New Lab offers tested/vetted models of radical integration such as our
Greengineers program and the Senior Year Scholars project as proof of concept.

4. Grapple with “ginormous” Global issues, locally, = create a dedicated relationship with Planet, People, and Power. Technology will support scalable solutions, but profound (transformational) learning is still the result of thought, action, and empathy.

"Transformation requires more than change—it requires metamorphosis.Imagine something like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly or a tadpole becoming a frog.Transformation goes across forms; reform stays within the limits of the existing system."-Phillip C. Schlechty

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Newton's Lab educate to innovate